Supporting UNU

I know that I want to support UNU however I can, and I would really like to find a way to get my own UNU. I’ve been riding electric scooters (or as the Germans say: Elektrorollers) while I’ve traveled around the world for years, and I’ve never experienced one that was so smooth, easy, and environmentally conscious as this one. Those are all things I value in all sorts of products, and I don’t often get to experience them and things like Transportation devices so, needless to say, I am extremely impressed by this device. It is clean in every fiber, in every sense of the word, it is perfect. It is purely electrical. That means that there’s no oil, gas, coal, or any other dirty fossil fuel being burned while you drive it, it’s all electric. Value that very highly, I do. I love that this little device drives are nothing but an electric battery. I think that lots of people will enjoy that they can drive their own vehicle without creating a lot of pollution for their City. Nobody likes to live in a polluted city, and by driving bees you are listening to the impact and deciding to make a positive Choice. You’re making a choice to significantly lower the amount of fossil fuels and pollution that you’re putting into the environment. You’re also not putting any extra noise into your community. One thing about a lot of scooters and electric bikes is that they are extremely noisy and nobody likes to have them around all of the time. These scooters are so quiet. You can hardly hear them. It’s just a very gentle little buzz, nothing that would wake anybody up or keep anybody from falling asleep at night. You don’t have to worry about disturbing newborn babies, or their mothers, in their rest, because you are not going to be making any excessive sound when you’re driving one of these electric scooters.