Student Advantage for Amazon Prime Canada

You see, Amazon, as big as it is, and it’s that as diverse as it continues to increase, is a Growth Company. There’s never just driven a stake in the ground and said this is what we are and this is what we’ll do. They continue to diversify. For example, I don’t know how this is going to affect them Amazon Prime Canada yet, but Amazon Prime in the United States I think will soon be getting like a grocery store service. How do I know that this is the case? Well, I don’t, but I can speculate, because Amazon just bought Whole Foods. Whole Foods, in case you didn’t know, is America’s most respected and high-quality grocery chain. I think it is so high quality in respected that there’s not even Canadian equivalent to Whole Foods, and that’s just the sad reality of the matter.

Especially because the first 6 months of Amazon Prime, if you’re a student, are completely free. That’s right, completely free, you don’t pay a single penny. Yes, some people say that I’m fixated on this aspect of the thing, but I think that this is amazing. I think the biggest misconception that I encounter when I talk to people about Amazon forms that people don’t even know what I’m is on Prime is anymore. Honestly, there’s this weird conception that Amazon is still just like an online Bookseller or something, when really Amazon is the biggest Commerce and cloud computing company that exist on the planet. Honestly, they don’t make that much money through the stock market, but they are investing in the future in a huge way. Seriously, right now Amazon is bracing for a hostile takeover of the entire Market.