Instagram-worthy photos through great filters

I have started to warm up to mobile phone photography and filter culture… Someone asked me recently what my favorite camera filter is. I think that’s a very odd question, and in the end I couldn’t even answer it. Because, at the end of the day, I really do believe that each filter has something to offer. Some filters have less to offer than others, but when it’s their time to shine, I have no doubt that they can step up to the plate and be the right filter… Even if they have to be toned down or toned up just a little bit to fit the bill. That’s not really their fault, as much as a matter of preference, anyway… Most of the time. Let’s not get into my least favorite filter on Instagram, or anything like that, because I wouldn’t want any negative press or start any kind of Rift with my favorite social media platform. To be honest, there is only one filter I really don’t like on Instagram, and I know some people who claim that they use it’s a great success all the time. In my opinion, what their defining a success is not success, but that’s where mines can change course from each other and that’s okay. It’s of course good that some things are subjective. Subjectivities essential for this type of thing, of course. However, I do think that camera filter discussion gets a little bit Limited at times, because people automatically associate negativity with filters and using them. I don’t do that. I do think that a great felter, Tastefully used, and integrated at the right level, can really bring the life out of and otherwise flat image. I mean, usually for taking a picture of something it’s because you see something special in it.