The Incredible Daniel Wellington Watches

I am going to share my Daniel Wellington watch review with you because I have been completely swept off my feet. By a watch.



I never thought it possible, because I am no style nerd. I am proudly heterosexual, and no slave to fashion. I do not need to spend hours in clothing stores to choose the perfect scarf to go with that brown jacket. I am not one of those people who suddenly started wearing tattoos a few years ago, or who started growing my beard pretending to be a hipster. No, I consider myself to be a normal man. In fact, a little on the boring side. But now I realize that a watch may change your look, and the way you think, forever.


German Style

It all started when I was on holiday in Prague. I decided to take a few days off and found a cheap ticket to this Eastern European city. I thought I’d just spend a few days walking around the town, drinking and eating my way to the late afternoon, and then calling it a night. And this is more or less what I did, but on the first night in Prague, I met a German guy who made quite an impression because of his watch. Yes, he was wearing a Daniel Wellington watch, and I thought it the most stylish thing ever.



You see, he had a very basic watch, which I now know to be the watch case. The word watch is used too frequently these days, as you need to separate the watch from the band, or straps. But more on this later. The watch case this German had on was a classic, golden 40 millimeter Daniel Wellington watch case. Yes, a little on the big side, but that was exactly what fascinated me. I suddenly realized that a large watch case, if thin, could be the most stylish statement ever.


Five stars

But my religious style experience didn’t end there, for the whole thing had to do with straps as well. You see, this German dude, who – thankfully – was no hipster either, wore his watch with a green textile band. A light green band, completely at odds with the stylish, golden watch case. But that was the point! And from that moment I was a DW fan, because I saw how interchangeable straps work. My Daniel Wellington watch review is, therefore, a five-star review!