Some of the great qualities of 360 degree camera

Basic facts about 360 degree camera

The 360 degree camera are growing at a rapid pace all over the world. These days we have many 360 degree cameras which are affordable as well as user friendly. There are some very good 360 degree cameras that can fit your purse and could also connected to your phone if you want to shoot remotely. If you want to catch some of the best moments like the full view of the summit or want to take the entire view of the huge architecture then 360 degree camera is the best choice.


Testing of the 360 degree camera

The testing of the 360 degree camera gives us the exact picture regarding the performance of the camera. There are many factors which decide the durability and adaptability of the camera. Apart from testing ease of use, quality of image, viewing results on computers or mobile devices and the editing of the camera using the apps is taken into consideration. The sharing to social media platforms like Face book, YouTube and Twitter is also taken into consideration.


Some drawbacks of 360 degree camera

These days the 360 degree camera comes with many upgraded features like gyroscope, built-in accelerometer, electronic compass and GPS. As a matter of fact if a 360 degree camera has a single lens design it will most probably capture 240 degrees of visibility in the vertical direction. This means the videos and images produced by this camera would be missing a small part of the sky or ground. Another drawback of the 360 degree camera of this model is that the capture button only controls the starting video recording and if you want to click still photos you need to open the app.

There are some 360 degree cameras which have limited compatibility as they work with just a couple of mobile phones. On the other hand there are other 360 degree cameras in which you can change settings and shooting mode directly without connecting a smart phone. The removable battery and memory in most of the 360 degree camera lets you put in the spares as per your requirement.


Benefits of 360 degree camera

The 360 degree camera makes the viewer to see and hear not just in the front but also let him take the entire spherical view of the entire surroundings.

In addition with the 360 degree camera you can look around more freely which you can do either by dragging within the image or by moving your body while holding the phone.


Thus we that 360 degree camera is the best option if you want to capture the best video and images of your special occasion. These cameras have all the best features to give you some amazing results which you will remember for the rest of your life.