Calculating the final exam

Another semester ends, or is on its way to ending, at least, I wish that it was over already and had ended, but sadly, obviously, clearly, it has not yet ended. Or else I wouldn’t be starting this paragraph with this type of nervous, Worley, flustered rent. Basically, I’m trying to figure out exactly what I need to do to get the grade that I need, basically I need to know exactly what I need to score on my final exam. I’ve tried to do it in my head, but I’ve actually ended up on the final grade percentage calculator website, which is a final exam calculator which tells you exactly what you need to get on your final grade based on how much it is worth and what grade you are striving to achieve. Sounds complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple. Basically, your final grade is equivalent to your current grade times 1, minus the weight of the exam, plus the exam wait, times the exam score. I know that might sound convoluted, but it’s a formula that generally works even though each of your professors will probably have different weight placed on different aspects of your course, which include things like the homework that needs to get done come the assignments that are given to you in class, other examinations, and even class participation, which is never any but his favorite way to score an extra points, despite the fact that it’s pretty easy, nobody really wants to be that guy, do they? And if they do want to be that guy, well, that’s their fault. And they’re not my friend. That’s for damn sure.