The beacon filled restaurant

BLE Beacons, like iBeacon, will revolutionize retail business. And we’re not talking about a future that is far away, in fact, most large companies are already getting in on the action.



Which is a smart move considering that using beacons efficiently and to their full ability, involves a shift in how you think about marketing and selling. Let’s take an example, and see how the restaurant business can use beacons. With a beacon platform, like Eddystone, set up in a restaurant, the owner will be able to revolutionize many aspects of his operation. Showing menus and taking orders will never need human beings, it is just a matter of sitting down at a table, making sure that table’s Bluetooth beacon identifies the guests, and you’re off.



The system will identify the guests, and if they have a history with that restaurant, certain offers from the many can be emphasized. If they are new to that particular restaurant, data is pulled about their visits to other restaurants, and offers are presented based on this. Or even based on personal preferences that the system picks up on, for example, whether one of the guests on a table is a vegetarian, or if they have any food allergies. These types of preferences are mixed with general settings for that restaurant, and settings that may vary according to day, or even the time of day.


More control

If the kitchen is running out of a certain product, the system can take items off the menu. And, alternatively, if a food item is not going out quickly enough, offers can be made both automatically or manually. And they great thing about it is that it is seamless. The guest will not notice any difference, and the time saving is huge. Another benefit in the restaurant business is that administration of large chains will become that much simpler, and the unification of offers as well.


Third party ads

Furthermore, you can divide a restaurant into zones, and like with WiFi heat map software, you can send out particular information to different zones, like in the bar, at the counter, in the lounge, at the table, etc. If the guest leaves for the bathroom, a whole different set of information can be sent out, like advertising.  And this advertising could be for third parties. In this way, a business could easily sell advertising space. And the great thing about this kind of advertising is that it can be personalized.