Art in Burnaby

                                                              Art in Burnaby


Without art, there can be no culture within a city. Hence, the fact that Burnaby has such a rich artistic heritage will show you just how much culture there is to be found within this city. It is safe to say that without the artistic traditions of the people in Burnaby, one would not be able to enjoy the modern art that Canada now offers. Learning about art in Burnaby is an interesting concept to examine, and you would be able to expand your knowledge of the arts in general if you try to look at Burnaby as an artistic whole.


Perhaps the single most influential art form in Burnaby is that of painting. If you paint, you are likely to love Burnaby because of the fact that it has a lot of impressionist painters. It’s in the 60s that Burnaby started to become the center for arts in British Columbia. Vancouver was known as the snobby, post modern art world and Burnaby was where people went for a more real experience of art. Hence, Burnaby’s reputation as an artistic city has remained intact, thus allowing it to become a very important part of the world of art as a whole.


Painting is not the only area where Burnaby tends to excel. There is also the area of sculpting, in which Burnaby has started to get a great deal of clout. Sculpting has not been an old tradition in Burnaby but the artists in this city are starting to pick up this craft and apply it as a form of expression. This has been allowed to flourish and diversify in Burnaby, thus allowing you to examine and enjoy a combination of various artistic methods that help to make Burnaby what it is today.

Performance Art

Apart from painting and sculpting, one form of art that has started to take the city by storm is performance art. This art form is extremely important because of the fact that it has so many new avenues for artists to explore. Burnaby is known for bringing to life a number of abstract concepts, and by using the artistic potential of performance art the people in Burnaby that gravitate towards such creative fields are known for innovating a great deal. All in all, Burnaby may not be famous for its art but it really does deserve to be!