The Hair Extensions FAQ

1. What can you expect after using hair extensions application?

It all relies upon the application system you pick. Our service begins by separating a little area of your hair for Hot-Fusion. Once this is accomplished, we will now criss-cross it over your hair augmentation process and attach with keratin by simply using the Hot-Fusion machine. The idea of extensions remains a Herculean task. For this reason, it is expedient to work with an expert who has a lot of experience in the field of hair expansions. Toronto is home to numerous salons that provide hair augmentations as part of their service. You should start your search with Hair Extensions Toronto, this site has all the salons listed, and clients leave reviews and feedback. This is because we are specialized in expansions of hair applications. Our experts are experienced and well-trained to offer you the best hair extension solution. On this note, clients do not need to stress themselves over the nature of the completed work.

2. What is the duration for my extensions?

If your hair extensions are properly applied and cared for, it will last from about 4-6 months. The hair is likewise totally reusable for a length of one year. Our service does not make use of client’s old hair. However, our service will ensure to use a new hair from the package of each application. This implies that clients will not have to pay for new hair each time they come to Hair Extensions in Toronto.

3. How should clients take care of their extensions?

The same regimen used in your regular hair care process can be acclimated to suit the new hair augmentations. At Hair Extensions, we are ready and willing to help you figure out how to keep up with your new appearance. We are Toronto’s best and brightest hair extension service that can help you discover great ways of taking care of your new look. Nevertheless, we can as well help you understand the best hair maintenance techniques to apply in a time of need. Even with the best care, your hair will degrade over time. To extend the longevity of your extensions, our service strictly recommends that you purchase salon-quality products. As your hair starts to develop rapidly, it is a good idea to reapply new extensions and have them freshened. This will help you to look highly attractive, comely, homely and appealing to the society at large.

4. How are hair extensions removed?

A solvent should be applied when planning to get rid of your hair extensions. This will help to get rid of the keratin bonding agent easily. Your extensions will loosen with gentle massaging. Nevertheless, they will become easier to remove in the long run. The whole process can be done at the comfort of your home. However, it is a good idea to visit an expert hair extension service. This will help to guarantee that the quality of both your extensions and hair are safeguarded.

5. What is the maximum length limit for hair extensions?

The main reason for using hair extensions is the desire to achieve flowing and long flocks. With our experience and the Toronto hair fashion trends, it indicates that the most well-known length is 20”. Nevertheless, there is every possibility to go longer than 20” if you desire it. On this note, we advise that our customers should select a length not greater than 27”. This will help to prevent the damage and uneven pressure to client’s natural hair.

6. If a user has extensions, is it possible to still attach hair?

If an expert stylish at Hair Extensions helps you to properly apply your extensions, there is no need to bother about any nagging signs. In fact, you will be comfortable with every bit of service that we provide concerning your hair extensions. When you feel like wearing up your hair, there will be no problem. Even if it is an elaborate chignon or a simple ponytail, your up-do will totally remain natural, time and again.

7. How do I recognize a professional hair stylist?

Clients can easily take a look at the certifications obtained by Hair Extensions to confirm the service of a professional. Furthermore, you can as well check on the before-and-after photos from past clients along with customer reviews. knows the unique needs of her customers seeking hair extensions in Toronto with more than 8 years of experience.

8. Is it possible to straighten or curl client’s new extensions?

At service, all of the extensions are made up of 100 percent human hair. This simply means that the new extensions of service stands the best for you to use in a time of need. You don’t have to worry on any style or shape to position your new extensions. This is also because you will be using quality products made of the highest quality. On this note, you can learn to rely on the service at Hair Extensions, time and again.

9. Can you color your hair after new extensions are applied?

There is never any problem attached to coloring your hair after new extensions are applied. Provided, you are using our service, the sky and above will remain your limit of success. For this reason, it is a good idea to contact a stylist at Hair extensions to handle your needs. We are the best hair stylist that you can find in Toronto and its environs. As the number one hair extension service in Toronto, we take so many factors into consideration prior to handling client’s urgent needs. Our service knows that a great head of hair plays a vital role in helping clients feel and look confident and beautiful. service uses the highest quality human hair for all extensions. We source out our products around the world to ensure the most gorgeous and realistic results. Our service makes sense by offering soft, tangle-free and silky extensions made only from hundred percent Remy human hair. If you are looking for an expert stylist that delivers with exceptional professionalism in Toronto, then Hair Extensions remain the right place to visit. For more details, you can simply give us a call now.

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